RMS Flowol 4 is now called Flowol 4+

Over recent years, we have expanded our product to support robotics competitions worldwide. One of the most positive outcomes of this work has been the inclusion of VEX IQ and VEX Cortex robotics hardware in the list of interfaces that Flowol 4 supports. We released a version of Flowol called RMS Flowol 4, which stands for Robot Mesh Studio Flowol 4. However, we are now shifting our focus back to UK Primary and Secondary schools, where teaching is predominantly carried out in classes on screen. To highlight the inclusion of over 50 mimics (previously sold as separate extra mimic packs), we have rebranded the product as Flowol 4+. It’s important to note that there is no change in the software between RMS Flowol 4 and Flowol 4+ it’s simply a renaming
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