Deployment with RM CC3/4 Network

To install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 on your workstations

1. Log on to your Forest Rootserver as a system administrator.
2. Download the MsNetFx40.exe file to an Everyone read-only network share.
3. Browse to the network folder to which you copied the MsNetFx40.exe file.
4. Double-click the MsNetFx40.exe file. The RM Integration Pack Wizard may take a short time to initialise.
5. When the RM Integration Pack Wizard dialogue appears, read the End User License Agreement and click Accept to continue.
6. When returned to the RM Installation Assistant window, click Continue.
7. When installation is complete, click the Finish button.
8. (Windows XP only) Ensure that Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 is installed.
(Windows Server 2003 only) Ensure that either Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 or Windows Imaging Component is installed.
9. Assign or Allocate the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 package from the RM
Management Console to the desired workstation(s)/server(s) in the usual manner.
10. Following successful assignment to Community Connect 4 computers, a reboot will be deferred until there are no users logged on. Community Connect 3 computers will reboot immediately following successful allocation.

Then Deploy Flowol Using the MSI file

Before deploying the MSI file, make sure that all of the workstations have been restarted to deploy the Microsoft .NET 4.0

Downloading and Testing
1. At a workstation, log on as Packagebuilder.
2. Create a suitable directory, e.g. C:\temp and download the MSI file into it.
3. Double-click on the MSI file to install Flowol 4 (or the mimic pack) on this one workstation. Follow the on-screen prompts.
4. Run Flowol 4 to verify that the software is installed on this workstation.

Using RM Application Wizard
5. Then, on the desktop, choose the RM Application Wizard icon.
6. At the first window, select the Manage a Windows Installer Package and click Next.
7. In the next window choose Add an existing Windows Installer Package and click Next.
8. The next window will ask you whether the program has already been installed on this workstation, that was done in step 3 above, so click Next.
9. In the next window, enter a suitable name (e.g. Flowol4) and description. Then browse to the location of the MSI file in the bottom textbox, e.g. C:\temp\Flowol4.msi. And click Next.
10. The package is set up on the network. When the process has completed click Finish.

Testing and Deploying the Software to other Workstations

11. Use the RM Management Console, Workstations option, to allocate the new package to another workstation on your network. Then use the RM Management Console, Resources, Program Sets option to include the shortcut(s) for the package in a Program Set and make it available to groups of users. For full instructions on how to make shortcuts available, refer to the RM Management Console, Resources help.
12. At the workstation to which you allocated the new package, log on as
various users with different levels of security. Using the shortcut, start the program and test that it works as expected. Verify that there is no prompt for the licence key.
13. If the program works as you expect, allocate the package to all workstations, as appropriate.